Practice Management Tools

Oryx helps you manage your practice like never before. Everything you need, in one place.


Organizing your office is a breeze with Oryx's scheduler function. Time is now on your side.

Book patients quickly and efficiently with our drag-and-drop scheduler function.
Filter by provider, search for open appointment times, and schedule recare or treatment procedures with simple drag and drop
The scheduler is linked to your dashboard. Watch your metrics change in real time with every appointment scheduled and visit completed.
Always expect the next case walking through the door with Oryx's risk assigned to every patient on your schedule.

Automated Recare Plans

No need to spend time trying to figure out the best recare interval for your patients, Oryx takes care of that for you!

The system tracks your patients' recare due dates and scheduled recare appointments based on the default hygiene interval.
Patients are assigned hygiene intervals based on their clinical exam, ensuring the patient receives the best possible care. Scientific research at your disposal.

Billing & Insurance

Run your office's finances with ease. Our billing and insurance system helps you stay on top of your numbers.

From invoices and adjustments to insurance claims and payments of any kind, Oryx helps you process it all and track every bit.
Make your office manager's life easier, keep all your numbers organized down to the penny.
No more guessing where each payment went. You can now keep record of the production and collection every visit and procedure.

Dashboard & Goals

Don't just reach your goals, surpass them with Oryx's dashboard.

Track new patients, re-appointments, and more. Your office stats are at your fingertips, helping you run your practice with greater confidence.
Set goals per provider, per procedure type, and more. As broad or as narrow as you like, we map it all.
Access your dashboard anywhere. Using real-time data, Oryx's dashboard keeps you informed on-the-go.

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